why partner with beta benefits?

We believe in partnerships. We believe in long term relationships that bring value to both businesses.

We treat all brokers professionally and as individuals, listening to their ideas and adapting or creating marketing strategies for their need and skills. NO cookie-cutter marketing for our brokers! We put our expertise at the service of our partners and believe in providing them the highest quality of service possible.

By utilizing Beta Benefits’ exceptional support and comprehensive marketing tools, agents like you were able to substantially grow their Medicare sales.

Sales Support & Agent Services

sales support

Contracting Team to Maintain Your Good-Standing with All the Different Carriers

You’ll always need to be up-to-date with your certification and licensing status. Our staff is here to keep you ready-to-sell.

Submission Department to simplify the submission process and verify all your applications

Let us process the enrollment paperwork for your clients, so you can focus on your next appointment.

Coordinated Certification Trainings & Support

We make the certification process easy by coordinating a number of carrier trainings each month. Agents receive step-by-step instructions backed by continuous, hands-on support.

One-on-One assistance from Certified and Licensed Sales Staff

Our sales team is available to assist you 24 hours a day. That is our commitment to you.

Marketing Support across Multiple Languages

Our knowledgeable staff is fluent in a number of languages. We’re continually adding new material to serve the different ethnic markets.

Access to Carrier Supplies and Sales Kits

All of our locations stock sales kits and other critical supplies. Come in today to pick up material or have our staff send it out to your location.

agent services

Dedicated Commission Descrepancy Department

We make sure that every piece of business submitted through Beta is paid correctly by the carriers. Our team fights for those commissions on your behalf.

Market Analysis & Strategies

Beta does a lot of the legwork before marketing to a particular area. We’ll create a tailored marketing program for you, backed by decades of experience

Event Reporting & Coordination

We take on the responsibility of complicated carrier reporting processes, making sure all your events are compliant and successful

Access to Carrier Supplies and Sales Kits

All of our locations stock sales kits and other critical supplies. Come in today to pick up material or have our staff send it out to your location.

Medicare Carriers

A range of plan options is crucial to meeting the needs of your clients! We are constantly evolving and adding state licenses and the correlating carrier contracts to our portfolio. Contact a staff member to confirm the most current available offerings.

we are currently licensed in each of the red states

Get started: We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Start selling Medicare products today! Beta Benefits is the FMO that has the resources necessary for you to be a successful health insurance agent. No matter if you’re just starting the process to be a licensed agent or already have your license. Beta Benefits is looking for individuals who are motivated to grow their insurance business but need the right FMO.

New Agents & Seasoned Agents and Agencies

new agent

10,000 Baby Boomers each day will hit retirement age. The demand for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement insurance plans is high and will only continue to grow. This explosion of seniors into Medicare has created an immense opportunity to capitalize on. Medicare sales offer a great first year commission and then annual residuals, creating income potential by ongoing compensation.


Getting Your Health License & AHIP

Do you have zero experience with the senior market? Don’t worry. We can help you get your health license. After getting your license, you’ll have to prepare to pass the AHIP Certification and be able to sell Medicare Products. We will support you throughout the process.

Understanding The Products

We offer a multitude of national, highly rated Medicare Advantage Health Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans, and Prescription Drugs Plans. We will help you get contracted and certified with each of the carriers you need and offer product trainings and assistance.

Starting Your Career

Leverage our marketing support and programs. We will help you become a successful independent insurance agent.

seasoned agents & agencies

Ready for a change? Beta Benefits provides you with invaluable resources to make your dollars go farther, get you more leads, and alleviate the back-office burden so that you can be focused on growing your income year over year. We can also assist with your personal business plan and succession planning for the future, so you don’t lose those hard-earned dollars..

Your Success Becomes Our Success.

Beta will help you build and grow your business. With hands-on, consistent support, we strive to act as an extension of your team.

a few of our support tools

· Marketing & event support
· Co-op opportunities
· Electronic enrollments
· Online quoting tools
· Retail pharmacy opportunities
· Custom marketing materials
· Continuing education opportunities
· Business strategy & consulting

Investment data-amico

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